Exciting News - Dr. Corinne Becker has been teaching in the United States again!


The Dr. Marga Practice Group is pleased to share with each of you that Dr. Becker was hosted in New Orleans and New York City to speak on the benefits of Vascularized Lymph Node Transfers in the treatment of lymphedema last month. In two coordinated symposiums, Dr. Becker had the opportunity to visit with microsurgeons from all over the United States to discuss the use of microsurgery to address lower extremity lymphedema.

"This is Dr. Becker’s second trip to the US to instruct American surgeons about the surgical treatment of lymphedema… I was pleased to host her in Charleston, SC in 2008 and am thrilled that she could return to follow up on our progress," relates Dr. Massey. "Dr. Becker has been a wonderful mentor. I have enjoyed traveling with her all over the globe. I was pleased with the opportunity to share with her our advances here at the St. Charles Surgical Hospital in Lymph Node Mapping and our Research Programs under the National Institute of Lymphology. I think Dr. Becker was pleased to see the progress we have made over the past 4 years. Dr. Sullivan of the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and I are excited that she will continue her relationship with us as we continue to bring this technique forward."

The Dr. Marga Practice Group is a multi-state microsurgical oncologic reconstructive surgical alliance focused on perforator flap breast and lymphatic reconstruction.

Dr. Corinne Becker was an invited speaker at the Encourage Support Group Meeting at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery on May 17, 2011 hosted by Drs. Marga F. Massey and Scott Sullivan. Interested individuals may contact 866-446-0962 or www.drmarga.com for additional information.